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Fast and secure way to share files

P2P networks feature a convenient way to download files or grant access for users to files on your hard drive. Nowadays, the most popular implementation is BitTorrent protocol. The major advantage of this approach lies in the fact that download rates are not limited to the bandwidth of an uploader. The more users participate in sharing of a particular file, the faster it can be downloaded. Therefore, the load is distributed among all peers without explicit relying on the initial source.

Other advantages of torrents include:

  • File integrity. The protocol uses hashes to identify if all bits of information were transferred and the data is consistent.
  • Continuous downloading. The client keeps track of downloaded parts and can resume the transfer at any moment.
  • Decentralized sharing. Any user who obtained the exact copy of the file becomes a seeder, and can participate in file transfer as a source. This way the initial uploader can even delete the data from his hard drive, and the sharing will not stop.

Unfortunately, there is a substantial drawback of torrent system. The clients heavily rely on so-called “Tracker”, which is essential to establish the connection between users. When the download has started, the tracker still participates in the process, but its role is not so important. This extra element of file sharing creates a security breach in the network. The tracker keeps records of users’ IP addresses, so it can be used to deanonymize them.

Luckily, there is a more convenient way to distribute files via torrents with the help of magnet links.

Enter magnet links

Magnet links substitute a tracker in establishing the connection between users. They are used to differentiate between files and take the role of a torrent indexer. There are no tracks of activities in the network hence the risk is covered. The link is created based on contents of the file, so it serves as a unique identifier.

Another way to avoid tracker security breach is to transfer a torrent-file between users. This approach is not efficient compared to magnet links, as the file should be distributed among peers, which is not always possible. Even more, if the torrent file was generated with the help of a tracker, it will bound all peers to that tracker.

How to use magnet links

  1. Generate a torrent-file by your client
  2. Press the button “SELECT .TORRENT FILE”
  3. Select the torrent-file located on your hard drive
  4. Get your magnet link

Share the link with your friends:

  • Insert it into your website;
  • Send it via social network messenger;
  • Use any other way.

Once a user clicks on the magnet link, the torrent-client will initiate the downloading process.

Make file sharing simple and secure. Use torrents and magnet links.